When you visit our Craft Shop you will find hundreds of items!! We have many very talented Crafters that keep our Shop well stocked!  Several ladies enjoy our long winter evenings producing a fantastic variety of beautiful Quilts .....our Master Craftsman, Earl, keeps us well stocked with boats of all sizes from small dories to large Schooners, Draggers & Long Liners.  We have many local Crafters who supply the items shown here as well as many more. We have beautiful items made from our Newfoundland Tarten such as the zipper scarf, coasters, oven mitts, table runners, place mats, scissor holders etc.You will find all kinds of knitted items such as hats, (check out the "KEEPING" hats),  scarves, sweaters, mitts, socks & slippers (All our slippers with the Newfoundland map on them are made by a local 92 year old Lady!)... thrum mitts, hats & socks! lots of Beautiful Driftwood Art!

 Look for a large selection of locally made jewelery as well as art work by a number of different local artist..... lots of rocks with different Newfoundland scenes ...bring home "A piece of the Rock" !  Another item that is a big hit, the Ugly Stick......Anyone can be a musician with one of these!

Many different Christmas Tree Decorations!

         A Sneak Peek!

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