NOTE: Our Beautiful Shop was not able to be open for the summer of 2020 due to Covid 19....we will do our best to fill all your orders from our "Online Shop" .....if you do not see it listed don't hesitate to inquire .....we will do our best to help! We are adding new products daily, keep checking back!!

****Please be Patient with us!  Because this "On Line" Shop is all new to us, we are trying arrange a "shipping" price plan....for now when you try to "check out" you will see $5. as the cost of shipping, this will change according to the product size & weight. 

Also at this time all payments are made by e-transfer to:

If you live nearby & want to order an item we can arrange a pick up time! 


Newfoundland Crafts

Browse our large selection of Handmade, Local Crafts......bring home a unique souvenir/gift  that is made right here by our local local & you are supporting the local economy!